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For You

You’re on the front lines saving lives and caring for your community every day, whether patrolling our streets, providing essential care or being the hero behind the counter. Let us be the sidekick to your superhero and take care of your essential needs so you don’t have to (and we’ll do it for free!) From helping fill out essential paperwork and negotiating bills, assisting with child or pet care, or even picking up your dry cleaning – we’ve got your back!
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For Your Loved Ones

We know your loved ones are going through this crisis with you, and that makes them a hero too. By providing access to 2 free additional accounts, those that you care about will also be able to use all of our services. With resources to manage stress and anxiety as well as guidance and easy access to financial aid information, you can spend less time worrying about the world outside and more time focusing on each other.


Getting Started

Help is on its way! To access your free To the Rescue Sidekick and the dedicated individuals and resources ready to make your life easier, click here or download the To the Rescue app in the App Store or Google Play. Our registration process is super quick and easy – just a few questions and you’re good to go. You’ll be back to saving the day in no time (and we’ll be saving yours!)

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a wide array of services to make your life easier. Any research assistance from your Sidekick is always 100% free; you only pay the cost of goods purchased (e.g. groceries) or the services provided by our local vendors (e.g. an oil change). And we take your satisfaction so seriously that you won’t pay a thing until you’re completely happy. 

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Committed to Community

Our network of neighborhood businesses and mom & pop shops are at the ready to save the day. It’s important for us to partner with local businesses so your dollars stay within your community, and we especially focus on women and minority-owned businesses. If you’re a local business owner who wants to partner with us, let us know – we want to work with you!

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Pay It Forward

Is there a hero in your life or someone in the community that you want to thank? Maybe it’s a nurse, a postal worker, or someone behind the counter at your corner store? Whoever it is, you can use our Pay It Forward Program to make their lives a little easier. Find out how you can donate to them.