How much does it cost?
The To the Rescue app and our personal research assistance is completely free. You’ll only pay for the cost and goods purchased through our local vendors. For example, if you’re trying to celebrate your child’s birthday during social distancing, we can send e-vites, research virtual games, and set up the video conferencing all for FREE; you’ll only pay for the cake from the local bakery we had delivered.

How do you ensure the service providers will do a good job?
We do an extensive background and quality check on all our service providers. If there’s ever an issue with service quality, we’ll work to resolve it to your complete satisfaction.

Can you provide any services not listed here?
We’re here to help make your life easier, and we pride ourselves on being able to handle anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you don’t see the category you’re looking for, tap the bat phone to send an email or call your personal Sidekick directly.

Is this service available to my family?
Yes! We want to offer support to your loved ones too. You can invite 2 additional people in the ‘Settings’ section of the To the Rescue app.

How do I pay for the products and services offered by To the Rescue?
All payments will be made through the app with a credit card. Payments will be made once your service is complete and you submit your rating.

Should I tip my service provider?
Some personal services may have a tipping option in the app, but it’s never expected or required. If you were extra happy with your service provider and want to give them a tip, feel free to add to your app payment (or cash works, too)! 100% of tips go to your service provider.

Why do charges from Errand Solutions show up on my credit card statement?
Errand Solutions is the company and people behind To the Rescue. All charges are for purchases or vendor services made through the app.

Is my credit card safe to keep in the app?
Absolutely. We use industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools, and we don’t share your financial information with our service providers. In fact, no one at Errand Solutions (including our technology development teams) has access to your credit card number.

How can I get started?
If you’re a First Responder or Healthcare Professional, you can download To the Rescue in the App Store or Google Play, or register online at

Still have questions? You can reach us through the Contact page, or at and 872-204-5704.